BTEC Mark Schemes (Teacher)

Our BTEC Mark Schemes tutorial will help you to learn how to use and manage BTEC Assessment Criteria in Assignments.


When creating Assignments for BTEC courses you can access the Assessment Criteria and select those which apply to your Assignment. The criteria can be viewed by Student when working on the Assignment.

Create a BTEC Assignment

  1. Go to Assignments
  2. Click New
  3. Add a Title
  4. Click Create Assignment
  5. Complete your Assignment details:
    • Add Instructions for your Students
    • Select the Subject
    • Select a due date and time
    • Click on the Add Resources and Links button to add resources to your Assignment
  6. Select BTEC as the Grade/Mark Format
  7. Click into the BTEC tab (under the Assignment title)
  8. Select the Qualification Type, Subject, Qualification and Unit from the lists
    Please note - if you do not select these fields in the BTEC tab you will be unable to collect or mark your work
  9. Tick the Assessment Criteria that relate to the Assignment
  10. Click Send

Marking a BTEC Assignment

  1. Collect assignment files from your Student(s)
  2. Click View Current Assessment
  3. Click BTEC Criteria to view the Assessment Criteria for the Assignment
    • Select Yes / No for each Criteria. You can also add comments to support your decision.
  4. Select a Grade/Mark and add any overall Comments
  5. Return to Student